Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bye Bye Beltran


Hey hey family!!!! i love you all so much! and this week was a great one and sad at the same time.

Well as you can all tell from the title we had transfers this week. They called and told me that i will be leaving to Parque Urquiza in the city of Rosario!! But I'll talk about my new area in a sec. 

So in Beltran I was loving it! I loved my comp and we were working hard so that the members could see that they really can share their testimonies because we have the truth!! And we were working really hard so that we could have more lessons with members. It was really fun working with Hermana Egbert. I learned a lot from her and I learned a lot about how to be a missionary from her and really everyday I felt like we made a little bit more of a difference in the world:) We could really see the members changing! One young women told us that she explained the plan of salvation to a friend and that the friend now wants to listen to the missionaries! And then another lady was telling us how she gave a friend a liahona:) really the hearts of the members changed! In the beginning it was really hard to get a member to come out with us and it was hard in general but I feel good knowing that Beltran is better now then it was when I got there:) and I give all the credit to the Lord and hard work cause what I am finding out as a missionaries our job with members is to help them feel the spirit of how fun it is to share your testimony! We are like little energizer bunnies! 

But I really will miss Beltran. I wont miss the house and bathing myself with a bucket every morning cause we don't have water pressure hehe but I learned a lot there and I'm excited to put in practice what I learned there in my new area here in the city with a ward!!!AHH!!

Ok so little recap of my mission. so I started off in Sunchales-- a tiny branch of 17 people. Then I went to Beltran a bigger branch of about 55 people when I left and now I'm here in Parque Urquiza with a ward!! It's been kinda fun to go from big to little and I,m really excited to work here in the city It's new but I'm not going to lie the thing I' most excited about is that there are no more dogs:) YAY!!!! I don't know why but dogs just think it's funny to bite, chase, and bark at me... but now that's not a problem:) 

My new comp is hermana..... SPENCER!! cool huh?

She is awesome and is from California and I'll send a pic of her next week:) Stay Tuned!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! and I miss you all!! Keep reading the scriptures EVERYDAY!!

hermana ñelson
onward and upward!

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