Saturday, June 14, 2014

baptize in the font..o

Ok so i really flippen love this place...!! i had a headache the whole day from stress and probably from smiling so big all day long. i think its illegal in some countries for people to smile like i was :) so first of my comp is the best. she has natural curly hair like me and she is 21. she is like an older sis to me and my other comps are just as great we laugh all the time i seriously have never laughed so hard everyday of my life and my teacher is the best thing ever! she is just the BOMB!! i know ive said that everyone is the best like 10 times but im serious! so i am on west campus and its nice there because in our rooms we have 2 per room insead of llike 6 or 4:) so thats nice and we get to walk outside all the time so that helps with my love for the outdoors:)
So about the spanish--- it the best language in the whole world! its so hard and the more i learn the more i realize i dont know but duolingo helped me out so much! i know the most spanish so far out of all my comps and when they have a question they ask me so that makes me feel good but its still hard to learn. but i can pray and bear my testimony in spanish so thats awesome! i feel cool.

So we were teaching our investigator patricio and i dont know all the words to say and some times when he asks a question im like .....whaaaa !!! despacio por favor. anyways when i don't know what word to say i just add and "O" to the end of it:) hehe so we were talking about baptism and he was like how do you guys do it in your church? do you do it in a river? and i was like no we get baptised in a  agua en el grande .... tubo....fonto.... and im motioning with my hands showing him how big the tubo of water is and i look at him and he is thinking "who is this girl" and i look and my comp and she is doing everything she can do not bust out laughing... so it was great we eventually got the point across. but funny thing of the day. 

Love hermana nelson

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