Thursday, June 19, 2014

proud to be a caveman (week 2)

ok so this week was awesome! so the spanish is coming along i still don't know very much but its fun learing my comps and i play a game every day called la nativa (the native) and we draw to see who the native is but its all secret so we all try to convince eachother that we are the native that day by speaking as much spanish as possible:) its fun. but our teacher told us that we all sound like cavewomen... hahah proud to be a caveman yo. represent. we to should eat today. we to speak with our teacher. thats what we sound like a guess haha:) he told us that on saturday and on sundays we all have to write a talk for sacrament meeting (sacrament meeting is all in spanish so we have to write our talks in espanol) and we wont know who is going to be speaking till we are sitting in the building and our pres announces it over the pulpit! so saturday night we prepare our talks for the next day and then sunday comes and guess what our branch pres tells us?!?! THAT OUR MISSION PRESIDENT IS GOING TO BE COMING TO SACRAMENTMEETING WITH US!!! because we are getting a new pres in july all the new mission presidents and their wives come to the MTC for training so we got to meet them and talk with them! anyways back to sacrament it was a really great day getting to meet them and let me tell you that my mission pres wife is what i imagine alisha harris would be like if she was from argentina!! exactly the same person, except a different language so thats nice:) i love them both already and the mission president told me how to say:  im hungry.  so i already like him:) yo tengo hambre .... i think thats how you spell it. 

anways so after we meet them and are talking in spanglish because they know a little english and we know a little spanish but lets be real here we were basically just playing charades. We bring them to sacrament meeting with just our zone right so theres supposed to be the mission branch presidency and the like 12 people that are in our zone... but i walk into the room and there are about 6 new mission presidents and their wives in that room!!?? i guess its cause they knew that my zone is the most celestial thats why they came to ours:)  anyways so we have real life pros at espanol in the room so im nervous! whos going to be giving the talks?! we sit down and start and guess who my branch pres chooses to talk for sacrament meeting.. ME!! i knew it was coming tho the holy ghost prepared me so i wouldn't just die of nervousness so that was good. So i get up there and i talk about the holy ghost all in spanish! and it looked like everyone understood me:) i even made them all laugh because my spanish is just that good! (not) they laughed at how i didn't know the word for quite so i said it in english haha. But i feel like i did well and all the mission presidents and their wives told me that i did a great job and that my spanish is good:) but i bet i sounded like a caveman and they are just too nice to say that:)

the we had lunch with our mission pres and his wife and that was so fun our little spanglish/ cherades conversation was priceless and i love them both so much!! it will be nice when we get off the plane in argentina and we have already met our presidents:) tender mercy. 

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