Monday, May 25, 2015

Baptizing the font first


Sandra from colombia got baptized!! YAY!! It was so cute! But like every baptism that I've gotten to experince so far something went wrong. ... Well this has been my first area where we don't have to travel to have the baptismal font :) We have one!! So we went at like 3 to clean it out and start filling it up. We washed all the walls down and we had  a lot of dirty water in the font at this moment so we go to have the thing drain itself when it just makes this horrible noise and doesn't do anything... so we call our mission leader and he comes and tries to fix it but it doesn't work we are just stuck with a font and dirty water! So we ended up having to ship the dirty water out in buckets haha  one at a time.. we did one and we were like well, just 50 more!:) haha it was really funny but after that everything went well and the water was clean for her baptism... but even at this moment the font still has water in it cause the drain is broken:( We might have to ship all the water out again! haha

It was so cute. When Sandra came to her baptism she was already crying a little bit cause she was so happy:) And in relief society she said to all the ladies that she was really happy. I am so happy that we got to help her be baptized because with her we really could see a visible change in her. The gospel really does bring light into the peoples lives! We really do have the truth. We really do have the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth:)

hermana ñelson
onward and upward.

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