Monday, June 8, 2015



WELL, this week i will have ONE year in the mission. and i really dont know what to think about it! i still feel like a newbie but at the same time my poor back and feeties tell me I'm 80 years old:) but  I have made a poem for you guys to help you understand argentina

A- Asiado ( its like BBQ but WAYYYYYYY better)
R- Rain
G- Games of soccer (hehe like my Spanish?)
E- Empanadas 
N- Never bored
T- Tons of dogs 
I- Ice cream
N- Noodles
A- Alfajores (these are yummy little cake thingys)

This is argentina to me. and yes many of these things are food! and that is why i am a little more rounder now then when i left :) Argentina is all about food. and they do have some pretty yummy food because there are a lot of people here are from Italy. We eat a lot of noodles and meat and everything is yum yum in my tum tum.

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