Thursday, August 6, 2015

So Happy I Could Fly


This week I was able to witness a miracle! Something that dad has told me a few times on my mission is that missionaries are at the front lines and it's true!  I get to see many things as a missionary and I'm grateful for this time to learn and grow.

This week I could see the Hand of God in the life of someone I love.

Remember Sandra? Sandra got baptized about 2 months ago and she is doing great! She in now a ward missionary and helps us visit people and she is the best!:) and this Sunday she bore her testimony in testimony meeting:) The miracle that I could be apart of starts with her. Earlier last week she told me that her older sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer and they were going to operate. This is the same cancer that killed Sandra's mom a year ago. When Sandra told me I didn't know what to do or what to say... how hard is that to have your mom pass away from cancer and then your older sister gets diagnosed? HARD!!!! but something that came to my mind was to tell her about fasting. We told her that she could fast and pray with all the strength in her heart for her sister and if it was the will of God he can help her.

 So Sandra being a woman of faith did just that. We all went out to eat last Monday and Sandra did tell us this then but right after she started her fast for her sister, putting her problems in the hands of God she did her first fast. Then she called her sister in Columbia to see how she was doing and her sister told Sandra that the doctors did one last test before operating and the tumor wasn't there anymore, the cancer had left and she was free! God had worked a miracle. With the faith of my cute little Sandra she could show God that she was ready to have him do his work and he worked a miracle!! Fasting and prayers have power when we have the faith and humility that it requires!

 I really am at the front lines here! but the miracle doesn't end here. Sandra called the stake president of the area where her sister lives in Columbia and asked if they could send the missionaries to her sister's house, and the stake president said, SI! Sandra s sister will be receiving missionaries:)  I've never really felt this happy before. The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but I've also never felt so happy that I could fly before.

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