Monday, November 23, 2015

"I'll be Home for Christmas!"


Well, Here I am again and I really don't even know what to say.. except "Don't cry for me Argentina" and "I'll be home for Christmas" they are both songs if you want to look them up:)

This is the last email that i will be sending to my family as Hermana ñelson. and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. But I am very grateful for this time that I have had on the mission to be able to serve here in Argentina and get to know these wonderful people. Im sure going to miss these people and this place. 

The other day A sister asked me if I could only use one word to describe my mission what word would I use.  How does one just use one word to describe something that has changed my life? I thought about it and the Spirit told me the word "Nearer" now I have to describe this word. Nearer is different then closer... because closer is more like getting to a destination but to me nearer is getting closer to a person or something special and I have felt that on my mission I have been drawn, or have come nearer to my Savior, Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father. In the mission our objective is to invite everyone to come unto Christ and I think that when someone focuses on that goal in the end they too are drawn nearer to Christ. and I have felt that. I'm also nearer to the person that I want to be, the person that I know that God wants me to be. I think the mission moto is really our life moto because the mission is just the MTC for our lives. 

In the mission I've had some of the most happiest moments of my life on the mission. I have truly felt Godly happiness, but also like all other missionaries I have gone through really hard things. Trials that I never imagined I would be passing through but that's the beauty of life--learning how to draw nearer to our Savior through faith, repentance, baptism (sacrament), the Holy Ghost, and persevering. And when crazy things happen thats when we need to lean or draw nearer to our testimony the things we know that are true. Once my mission president told me that, a testimony is stronger when you can remember the moment when you asked God if it was true. I can tell you all that I remember the moment when I was kneeling beside my bed and asked God if Joseph Smith was a prophet, and if the Book of Mormon was true and if the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints is the true Chruch on earth and I can say that without a doubt I felt the power from heaven, the Holy Ghost, fill my heart and soul. I KNOW it's true!! and that makes me happy. 

My mission may be coming to an end but I'm happy for the training that I have received to be able to teach my future children one day what I have learned. My my mission may be ending soon but it's just the beginning of the rest of my life as a defender of light and truth. 

I love you all!! thank you for all your prayers and support! see you soon!

hermana ñelson
onward and upward

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