Monday, November 2, 2015

Stinky Sins

This week we were able to find lots of new people and have some cool experiences with them:) It's cool how specific prayers and the spirit together can do miracles! This week we have been praying to find a family with 5 people and the parents are married and they have a car (so that they can make the long trip to the church every week)  and we found one!! We asked for a reference haha actually it was really funny cause we said, "Hey do you know a family that has 5 people in it and the parents are married and they have a car?" and they sat there thinking about it and maybe thinking that we were crazy too....but then they gave us one:) and we went to talk to her the next day and at first she didn't let us in, but we were able to talk to her on her porch and we talked about prophets and prayer and how God answers our prayers with feelings of peace. And you should have seen her face she was like... WOW!! I'm going to try it and you guys can come back and we can talk more! Being a missionary is like walking around with angles. I'm so grateful for this experience!!

MY comp told me something cool this week that her family told her. One of the 70 came to talk to their stake and he was talking about how when we is in church and he smells cigarette smoke on someone he is happy because this person is trying to change! And then he said... what if all the different types of sins smelled? Church would be a really stinky place. we cant judge people because they sin differently then we do, but we all need to take part in the cleaning water of Christs atonement!



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