Monday, August 4, 2014


 Everyone that reads this. PRAY FOR THE INVESTIGATORS!!

We are teaching the greatest Family in the world and we found them contacting. and we taught them the Restauration and after we asked the dad if he could pray and just so you all know the dad is like the best person in the world he is GOLDEN every question that he asks is right in line with the gospel and he is so interested. but anyways we asked him to pray and this was our second lesson with them and the first time he said that he never prayed and if he did it was for himself. but this time he prayed!!! and it was the first experience that i have had with an investigator that really sincerly prayed! it was the cutest he said "dear heavenly father we are here on the 1 of August :)  praying to you. thank you for my beautiful Family and for the missionaries. please bless them with their spanish (im pretty sure this was just for me cause i was really rockin it with the gift of tounges in this lesson hehe not. ) and then he said a few other stuff but it was the cutest thing i have ever heard and the Spirit was so strong!! and after he was like "wow that was fun! i like praying im definatly going to be making some changes in my life". and me and my comp almost died of happines right there!  and at the end of the lesson they were like "we told our friends about you guys" and they said " those Girls that are always Walking around" haha everyone knows us this town isnt very big. I LOVE THEM!! pray hard People!

but miracle of the week.

so we were Walking around after a lesson and i was tired and hungry and it had been spanish all day and i had a headache and i was just plum tired and i was day dreaming about Food thinking that i was going to fall over from Exhaustion when one of our investigators pulls up to us on a bike and says hey this chocolate is for the newbie! MILKA CHOCOLATE!! oh it was divine! it seriously was a miracle!

read your scriptures and pray and go to church every week!! the more i teach to more i realize how VERY improtant These are! i love you all. the work is hard but i love it here. i know this church is true and the more i study it the more i love it!

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