Monday, July 28, 2014

South America. It's like America..only South! :)

LOTS of love from me to you right now!! ready hold still!....... LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLL!!!

So last pday was a little crazy! we went up to sancristoba or something to meet with our district. and after our meeting we went to a random field on a little adventure and we were walking around taking pictures and then we found a open area where we played soccer! of course i was wearing my argentina jersey so you better believe that i was the best player! you can call me messi... hehe jk i wasn't good. and while we were playing we hear a moooooooo and then all these cows come around us and i was really scared but my comp she was like "we can take um. then we can eat hamburgers for dinner" shes awesome! so we played soccer with cows this week. not everyone gets to do that!! and then the sun set and the sun sets here are absolutely gorgeous there are no mountains so when it sets the whole world goes pink and orange and purple and blue. oh its lovely.

So missionary work is hard people! but its the BOMB! But everyone here is catholic so its hard sometimes to get in the door but everyone is really nice and very open about everything in there lives so we normally can persuade them just a little to listen to us! but one day was really hard all our lessons fell through and no one was home. we were sad so we bought chocolate. chocolate makes you HAPPY! so once we were all happy and cheery again we were walking down the street ready to start contacting again when we felt like we should knock on this door and the lady let us in! AHH!! and her house is amazing! (some houses here are so nice that i feel like im in america again and then other houses are not so nice that i remember that im in argentina) anyways she sits us down and gives us cookies ... mmm cookies!  and we talk with her whole fam about the gospel! oh they are a miracle!!  it was such a hard day and sometimes you just gotta have persistence and faith that the lord knows what he is doing!!

and right now we have 3 miracle families that we are teaching!! pray for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this week we had a record of 17 people at church. WE NEED MORE!!!
So funny story of the week. we were in a lesson (with a member might i add!) and this lady is awesome! she loves reading the bible and she totally believes in god but she was willing to talk with us. and she was really interested in our message! and in my head im like, hey she loves reading lets give her a Book of mormon! so i pulled out the book and as i was handing it to her i told her to read a certain verse and then pray and ask god if this is the true church. Now first off you have to know that the people here they don't have personal bubbles like us americans. argentines are great! anyways she was so beyond happy that she stands up and gives me the biggest kiss/kisses on the cheek that i have ever had in my life! It was so cute but at the same time i was just stunned after that thinking what happened!

Im doing great! learning lots everyday! i love argentina i love the people i love this gospel and i love all of you!


Love hermana nelson

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