Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Too much Happiness, I guess.

So guess what i did this week!!

I had my first argentina asado and let me tell you that is the best thing in the world. for those of you that don't know asado is like bbq but here in argentina its with the best meat in the world cause we have cows up the wazoo and it's all you can eat!! It was so yummy! and I think I might have eaten too much cause my insides were a little messed up for like 3 days after.... too much happiness I guess. 

Also the miracle of this week. So our mission pres taught us how to baptize every week and you do it by making a deal of sorts with God saying that this week you will sacrifice something so that you can find someone that will be willing and ready to be baptized in four weeks!! and we sacrificed singing all songs other than Disney and church music :) and we were going to try to be on time to everything more. Then we fasted and prayed a lot that we would find a family of four that was married and that had 2 children (basically everyone here isn't married) anyways we were walking down the road one day contacting and everyone was saying no, no, but at one house a girl let us in!! The mom and the 2 daughters were talking to us and we were amazed by their faith!! and we were hoping that there was a hubbs somewhere cause this family is so far fitting every description that we asked for! and then the hubbs walks in and the wife says oh this is my husband....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!! we found the family! miracle!!! one of the daughter accepted a baptismal date but the other two are praying to know:) oh my goodness missionary life is the best! i love these people!

and i know that god loves them too.

So funny thing the other day we were in a lesson and the daughter was like do you want  a candy its cherry flavored:) and I'm like um yes please!!! and i put it in my mouth and its a .... cough drop. yup straight up cough drop. mmm yummy thank you! and then after we had swallowed it she said want another!? haha so they eat cough drops like candy here and its actually not that bad, but it was really weird in the beginning. 

I love argentina and the people here! i know that god has a plan for everyone even tho life is hard sometimes but it's LIFE that's hard, living the gospel is easy. 


Love hermana nelson

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