Monday, October 27, 2014

Scripture Power

I'm more happy then I have been in my whole life here. There is something amazing about giving your life over to the Lord, everything is better. the colors are brighter the people are nicer. it's all great here and I'm SO happy.

I love teaching. I love teaching and getting to know all types of people because you can learn from them and when you teach the gospel you can see a little spark of light start to grow in them.  :)

I learned this week that everything happens for a reason! remember last week when I went to the doc to get a shot in my bum bum? (My comp loves telling everyone that i got a shot in my bum.) (Awkward!) Anyways the doc that helped us was really nice and we gave him a Book of  Mormon and he gave us his number so that we could call him if we had any problems. Anyways long story short, he wants to have a lesson with us and learn more about the Book of Mormon:) How cool is that! I'll get sick any day if it means that we can find people that want to listen to us! :)

We have the best investigator in all the world. His name is Oscar and he has a problem in his leg and he can't walk very well or use one of his arms. They both hurt him a lot. But he is the best. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and gave him a part to read that was like 7 pages long. He told us that at first he was scared of the book and didn't want to read it but he did and while he read it the pain in his leg and arm went away!! THE SCRIPTURES HAVE POWER! And then when he told us this I almost died of happiness. Then we taught him that he needs to pray to receive an answer if the Church is true. He read his new homework twice and then prayed and in the morning when he woke up he received his answer! He said it was the best feeling he has ever had.:) Guys the Book of Mormon has power! I love teaching Oscar he always is so interested and loves learning and he knows it's true as well. :) 

Upwards and Onwards

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