Monday, November 10, 2014

Clap Clap

 It was seriously the best day of my whole life. He is an all around miracle. I don't think i told you guys this but the day we found him we had been contacting all day in the rain with no luck and at 8 at night we were about to clap at his house when he walked out and said that he heard us clap but we didn't. It was the angels:)  And now 3 weeks later he is baptized and has read the whole Book of Mormon. He is a miracle that one. The day of his baptism he felt so much peace and his leg that hurts him normally didn't hurt this day:) And when he was in the font and went under water he forgot to plug his nose so he got water in his nose but after he told us that it hurt to have water go up his nose but he would gladly do it again  because he feels so happy and peaceful. (Isn't he just the most precious thing you have ever seen?) After his baptism i really felt like i was flying-- my spirit was so happy for him:) ---another person has entered in the kingdom of god. It's the best feeling in the whole world. I feel so blessed that God let me be apart of teaching him:) When he received the Holy Ghost the same thing happened, the pain that he normally feels in his leg went away!!!!! Everything about him is a miracle! IM SOOOOOOO HAPPYYYYY FOR HIMMMMMMMMM

I LOVE YOU ALL. NEVER EVER stop reading the Book of Mormon. It really has power. power to do many things! 

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