Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chau Chau Sunchales


This week was so awesome! 
First off we have a new missionary schedule we now wake up at 7 and go to bed at 11:) We still have the same amount of sleep but it feels like we get to sleep in :) It changed because it is so hot here and more people are out and about in the night so that's why.

So they called us yesterday and I'm leaving Sunchales! I feel like i am leaving my home again like i did 5 months ago but its all good everything happens for a reason divine but i will miss everyone here and they all have a piece of my heart. I will now be living in Rosario and i will have another comp from Peru:) It's going to be so weird to go from my cute little town here in Sunchales where we run into our investigators everywhere in the doctors office on the street in the store everywhere and now I'll be in a big city! haha life's crazy. But i feel really good about this so i know it's all going to work out:)

So we basically have the best investigators ever here. Aby and Antonella and Fransico are siblings and they are the bomb they have come to church the past few weeks and really want to be baptized, but they need permissio from their dad first but he is really cool so I'm sure it will all work out:) but they brought out a bunch of hats one day and we took pics. Another day we played a game with a blind fold and they had to find Christ so the person was walking around not knowing where to go and one person had a pic of Christ and all of the rest of us were walking around saying that we had the pic of Christ and then after they finally found the pic we played again with a string and it was a lot easier to find Christ with the help of the string (or the scriptures) it was a success and they are the best and I'm going to miss them with all my heart but its all good. My comp and the newbie will continue helping them:)

My mission president is the best person ever. He has such faith and is helping us have faith as well that we really can baptize the people of argentina. Every week in his emails he encourages us that we can do it and guess what, We went from a really low number of people with a baptism date and now in the mission as a whole we have 400 something people with a baptismal date. The work is really progressing because the missionaries are increasing their faith. Faith really is so simple and has such power! 

I love being a missionary I have learned so much here from the people in Sunchales and it will always have a place in my heart. I will miss having church in the club de los abuelos and i will miss the small branch that we have here and all the people. I will miss the peacefulness of this tiny town, but I'm excited to meet new people in Rosario:)

Love you all!!!!!!!! READ YOUR SCRIPTURES!!

love hermana ñelson

onward and upward
stay safe

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