Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Heaven in a bite

Happy 1 day of December!!!!! YAYAY Christmas!! I hope that you all have seen the video that the Church made for Christmas and if you haven't yet you need to do it right now!!!!!!!! It's soo good! 
But it sounds like Thanksgiving was awesome and now you are all just a little rounder:) hehe We don't have Thanksgiving here but I was still grateful all day for all my blessings that I have. 

My family
The gospel
I have a bro on a mission at the same time:)
The opportunity to be a missionary here in argentina.

These are just a few of the things that I am grateful for but I really feel so blessed everyday for these things:)

This week was great. We have a goal this transfer to activate a famliy less active cause there are a lot of less actives here so we made this goal, and the next day we went to go contact a less active family and they let us in and now we are besties and they came to chruch and last night we had a family home evening with them. God works with goals:) They are really so great and please pray for them that they can come back all the way and do all the things that they have to do. but they are sooooo awesome and I love them with all my heart and soul! 

One day we were contacting this week and we ran into the Parana river. Yup thats right the river is right there and we didn't even know it:) and it's not pronounced like the fish that has big scary teeth... its pronounce ParanĂ¡ :) 

So the food here! Since it was Thanksgiving this past week for you guys and all that jazz I thought I would help you guys understand how the food is here

Top foods of argentina

1. Asado. It's like bbq but with all the meat of the cow that you can imagine:)
2. Milanesa. (I think is spelled that right) it's like a chicken nugget but huge and its with beef.) they eat this with french fries or mash potatoes. its really yumm yumm
3. Bread.
4 Facturas. Basically heaven in a bite. They are kinda like donuts but way better and sometimes they have jam or dulce de leche inside.


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