Monday, January 12, 2015

Cuidado Gorda

So this week we had a little miracle and it helped my faith. 
I always say this but we have the best investigators here they just need some more help. Anyways so  a while back for Christmas when we were handing out those little cards one morning before we left we prayed that we would find someone through these cards that would want to talk to us and eventually be baptized and then we left and started walking. We walked for a while handing out the cards but I still felt like we hadn't found "the one" yet. And then we saw this young mother and she had a baby in her arms. and we really wanted to talk to her but we didn't know how to approach it and then her baby dropped his bottle and boom that was our chance!:) So we helped her pick it up and we introduced ourselves and talked and got her address to have a lesson with her:)  Prayers work!!! But when we went passed the day that we had the appointment she wasn't home:( BUT this past week I was thinking about her when we were walking near her general area but I forgot exactly where she lived anyways we were walking around listening to the spirit and boom we found her house! We knocked and no one was home so we knocked on the house across the street and no one was there so I looked back to her house and I see a young married couple walking toward her house ... it was HER!! We had a great lesson with them! They are married and believe in God:) and her husband listened to us too! I'm so excited to work with them but I need your prayers!! We are going to need all the angels in heaven to help us! Everything happens for a reason! 

A funny thing happened, I was walking across the street and I tripped right as a guy was coming around the corner with his motorcycle and he said "Hey! Cuidado Gorda!" which means watch out fatty. haha :) 

 2 nephi 26.24

hermana ñelson
onward and upward.

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  1. Sister...I sure love you. You know what... Prayers are answered, faith is a literal POWER, and miracles do happen. Keep saying prayers. Keep using your power of faith and I promise, the miracles will come. Love you, Sister Cummings