Monday, February 2, 2015

School of the Gods

This week was awesome we have seen so many miracles this week!
 First off we are teaching a less active and his family and he is 19 years old. We started off teaching him English. He and his whole family came to the FHE that we had a few weeks ago and this week we did service at his house---We plastered his wall or something like that haha I have no idea what it's called but it was really fun and now I have another skill:) hehe but the miracle is that he is now reading the Book of Mormon and in the beginning he didn't want to! He is in 2 Nephi right now! YAYAY we are still working with the family but it is such a miracle that he is reading! and he came to church last week!

The next miracle is that we were contacting the other day and we found a blind 25 year old and he is the best. We have only talked to him a few times as of right now and his sister was member and she told him lots of stuff about the Plan of Salvation and Joseph Smith! But his sister died a few years ago. He is just the best and we have been wanting to give him a Book of Mormon but the mission only has one and it's in three parts and you have to carry it around in suitcase! The miracle was that our members were going to the temple and we asked them if they could buy the BOM in CD and they did it! When we gave Matias (that's his name sorry i forgot to tell you in the beginning) he almost cried cause he was so excited:) 

We are teaching a little girl here how to read Spanish and we are teaching her mom and her the gospel and this week she accepted a baptismal date:) She said " I'm excited to learn more!":) We told her that she had to pray and she said, "But how do I do it":) It's so fun to teach people that really want to know! It's the best!

And this week we had a FHE with one of the families in the ward with a less active family and they came to church this week!!!!!!!!!!!

Here in the mission I have learned a lot and I'm still learning. Our mission president calls the mission the School of the Gods and it's true. Here in the mission we don't have mom and dad we only have God and with the help of my loving Heavenly Father I have learned a lot about myself and how I can be better. I will admit sometimes it's  a hard process but I know that everything happens for a reason. I love my mission:)

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