Monday, September 28, 2015



This week we were able to have a conference with the zone and our president... can I just say that my president is the coolest president that ever lived? I'm really blessed! We learned a lot about how to go to conferences with questions and how we can pray to God and tell him what we need and at some point in the conference we will receive what we need! Right then I prayed in my head and asked God like 5 questions and through out the conference ALL of them were answered! 
{Hint Hint General Conference. Get your questions ready!!!!}

This week something that we have been trying to do is talk to lots of people every day but not just anyone... they have to be people wearing a certain color of shirt. Everyday we have a designated color to contact and we tell God in prayer before what color of shirt we are going to contact. So it was going well we were talking to lots of people everyday but one day we prayed to contact red shirts and everyone basically in this little town was wearing a red shirt. We were going around crazy this day and at night we were so tired that we slept right when our heads hit the pillow.

In this little town we see funny things everyday. The other day we saw someone riding on his bike and he came to a 4 way stop so he needed to stop his bike but his brakes were broken so he had to put his foot on the wheel and wait until the friction of his foot and the wheel stopped him. We also saw a truck driving without a hood and he had one front light working:) Perdiddle!:)  And one day when it was raining someone's windshield wipers weren't working so he had to stick his hand out the window and with a towel wipe the rain so that he could see out the window:) Haha! I want to drive here:)

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