Thursday, July 10, 2014

Holy Smokes! Where did the time Go!

Well this is my last pday in the good ole mtc! holy smokes where did the time go! i feel like i just got here yet at the same time i feel like ive lived here for my whole life!! Im so excited to go to argentina!!! and one story this week will help you understand how much excitement i have in my soul!!

So there is a thing here at the MTC called TRC and its where we teach real people in spanish! And last week and this week we got to skype people!! last week we got to skype a lady from mexico and we taught her a little message and this week guess what!.... we taught someone from ARGENTINA!!!!!!!! oh my goodness oh my goodness she was the cutest thing ever and the spanish... oh her spanish... it was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. and i could acutally understand a lot of what she said!! no eye twitch people!! no eye twitch!!.it was the greatest experience ever and i could feel the love that god had for here while we were teaching it was a really cool experience:) that is why my soul is bursting with excitement. i know the lessons in argentina will be different because we will be finding them and they wont just be waiting for us on skype but im excited. i am also nervous and everyother emotion you could think of but i know that god will be with me cause he has been with me this whole time already. 

So this week was great!! i got my flight plans and that was just like christmas!! i couldn't stop looking at them for ever!!

So funny story time!! YAY! So we have basically learned all there is to know about spanish grammer now and we should be pro by now;) jk im no where near pro. but its great! and the point of me telling you this is to tell you that we still have moments in lessons where we don't know what we are saying and now im at the point where i don't know english or spanish im just sitting there stoned faced trying to find some palabras (words) to say. haha its awkward. once my comp looked at me to see if i had anything to add and i was just like...... um..... so she kept talking. phew. anyways! so once we were teaching our investigator about church and she has 3 kids around the age of 13 and they are all boys and we told her that her boys would go to "mujeres jovenes" hahaha (young womens) and it took us a minuets to realize what we said then me and my comp where like NO! haha it was good we all laughed together so it was good:) I sure love the MTC. its hard yes but its also great!

one of our speakers this week told us a phrase that helped him on his mission "how much do you love the lord?" and i just think that is the best phrase! the more you think about it the more profound it gets! and this week as i was thinking about argentina and how excited and scared i am i thought "greater things are ahead then we ever leave behind" but with this we all have to realize that there is a trick. we all need to realize that in order to find the things ahead we need to get off our bum and start walking and working! I have learned MUCH here at the mtc but the thing im most grateful for is how my relationship with my heavenly father has grown. i have spent more time on my knees here than i ever have in my life!! i know everything has a purpose and im grateful for the humbling experiences that i have had that have brought me closer to Him. I know argentina is going to be hard and i defiantly need him by my side to do his work. I know this church is the only true church and that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live!!! im so grateful for you all and please pray for me this week!! 


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