Thursday, July 3, 2014

Light off some fireworks!!

July 3, 2014
So our president was teaching us about the circle of concern and the circle of influence this week. and ill try to teach you the best i can over email, but with out my amazing hand motions and voice it wont be nearly as entertaining:) So you have two circles. there is a big one and a littler one inside the big one. the one in the middle is your circle of influence and the big one is your circle of concern. When you focus on the things in your circle of concern your circle of influence shrinks and when you focus on the things inside the circle of influence it grows!! SO moral of the story! if you want to be good at life! only focus on the things that you can actually change or influence:) 

Also crazy story! so this week during one of the devotionals there was a bat flying around in the room!! A REAL LIFE BAT!!! and it was just flying around having the time of its life and everyone was screaming and the bat was diving around scaring the daylights out of people and i was just watching that thing like a hawk and then it flies right towards me and i catch it with my bear hands!! jaja got cha:) ok that didn't happen but there really was a bat flying around in the MTC but they caught it. it was loco. 

We should get our travel plans tomorrow everyone!! holy smokes! and ill be a one month missionary tomorrow and we are all going to have a party! mom if you could call everyone and tell them to have a party and i don't know maybe invite Carrie Underwood to come sing somewhere in provo that would be great! and maybe light off some fire works for me as well i would love that!!! but really tho they are going to let us watch the fireworks tomorrow and im so flippen excited!!

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