Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let me take you to Rio, Rio. Fly'o the ocean like an eagle...

Hello from wayyyyy down here in argen!!
Lets get to know more about argentina shall we?
Well first off everyone greets each other with a kiss on the cheek. haha you bet that my first one was really awkward cause i had no idea what was happening but now im pro! second the food here is absolutely lovely!! they eat lots of meat meat meat meat meat meat and mash potatoes and noodles and salad. the salad is actually really good its just like the ones you make mom but instead of dressing they just use oil and salt. try it!! its yummy!! and oh the sweets.... mmmm i love them and here the big meal is lunch so you need to eat more than one plate if you are eating with  a member!! SO MUCH FOOD! its all good tho! and then because the lunch is so big everyone takes a siesta after. so from 12  to 3 everyone closes the stores and goes home from work and takes a nap. i think we should adopt this in america. but really no one is out during those hours. and they don't really have dinner here because lunch is so big! but if they do its at 9pm! this place is awesome. Also i have seen 3837584934857 dogs in 6 days! they are all over and the people here drive cars like i play mario cart:) its awesome. they don't really have lines on  the road so you just pick a spot on the road and change when ever you so desire. hah also everyone has motor cycles. everyone. im so buying myself one when i come home!! anyways that's argentina. the people are amazing and so nice!

So sunchales is great but its been open for missionaries for about 4 months, but the work is good! i walk everywhere. and the spanish. hehe... oh the spanish. its great and i cant wait till i can speak it but when im in a lesson with my comp they talk like 200 miles an hour and i cant understand anything! ok well this is how i feel. i feel like im in a mist and i can understand the concept of what they are talking about and stuff but the details are hard to see cause im in mist! that's how i feel, and because of that when im in a lesson i have to look at my comps face every few seconds so i can copy her face so i don't look like a deer in the head lights. if she laughs i laugh if she looks sad i look sad if she has a shocked face i have a shocked face. I think im doing a pretty good job at acting like i know whats going on cause then they will talk to me and ask me a question and my cover is blown but its great! im getting a little better at understanding every day so its all good!
This is going to sound so cheesy but its really how i feel. When i came here and saw the land and met the people i felt like i found my heart! but this week when we were teaching a lesson to a really great lady and her aunt and they committed to baptism and in that lesson i did say things and bore my testimony the spirit was sooooo strong.  i loved it so much and after that lesson is when i really found my heart. i love this!! i testify that when a person gives their life over to the lord he will deepen their joys!

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